Pregnancy is a beautiful journey where both you and the baby you are bringing into the world are undergoing several changes. What you need in this crucial time is vigilance and constant care. Seeking help from a professional at each stage of your pregnancy ensures a great level of success wherein both you and your baby come out healthier and happier.

Antenatal Visits & Tests

1 st Visit

Missed Period- upt (+ve)

2 nd Visit

6 weeks, 3 days

Usg Early Pregnancy Scan
Antenatal Profile

3 rd Visit

11-13 weeks

NT Scan + Double maker checkup

4 th Visit

16 weeks

Check up + Inj TT

5 th Visit

20 weeks

OGTS Test- Check up

6 th Visit

24 weeks

OTGC Test- Check up

7 th Visit

28 weeks

CBP, CUE- Check up & Growth scan, Boostrox injection

8 th Visit

30 weeks

Check up

9 th Visit

32 weeks

Check up

10 th Visit

34 weeks

Check up

11 th Visit

36 weeks

CBP, CUE, Check up

12 th Visit

37 weeks

Growth Scan-Check up

13 th Visit

38 weeks

Check up

14 th Visit

38 weeks

Check up

15 th Visit

40-41 weeks


The saga of womanhood shifts through multiple phases from start to end. A new life goes on to mature and bring in new life. We go through the challenges of adolescence to the period of giving birth, to motherhood, to the conclusion of our reproductive life during menopause. Your needs change as your battles do and here, you will find help with all of it.